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@podcastindex I would love at some time you take a moment to explain its useful I understand a little..but I might be missing something since I have not downloaded it or played with it yet

So Trump was banned from social media platforms. This is now that slippery slope. Just wait for the pitchforks to come out for those that supported him. I dont care for him but I do not support censorship.

This yea is the year Mad Max begun, if you are thinking it's supposed to be great

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Warmer water causing fog (it was 26 degrees out) - looked spooky and amazing

@adam I wish you still had the airstream of consciousness. I can pull up next to you and offer my assistance!

Lake Bastrop, near Bastrop Texas. Great little LCRA park (Lower Colorado River Authority, not a State Park)

Time to head out on vacation in some nasty ass weather...oh the fun!

Noone seems to recognize this. Locking down is not the end all solution, but the last resort

@adam I am not sure if this is anywhere, it would be great to see a growing link of apps and engineers that use podcast index. I am interested in supporting a new app

Finally got my fridge I ordered almost 3 months ago

Because whatever else this close election tells us, it tells us that, for damn near 50% of the American people, the progressive vision is not a compelling one. Progressives would be well advised to do some soul searching on that, instead of taking the intellectually lazy, smug, self-satisfied cop out of “well, it’s because they’re all irredeemable bigots, that’s why.”

Someone I know said this

Trump is not a cause, he is a symptom. The question is: a symptom of what? And an important follow-on question: where is the failure point in the progressive message -- indeed, in the entire progressive worldview -- that it failed to resonate with enough Americans to enable the “Biden landslide” that so many were predicting?

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