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I am waiting for a phone call to become a new director at a new company....

Just wanted to give - a product of @StevenB - I set my browser Edge to it by default so I have a podcast interface there by default. Great work so far!

Headed home from a week long camp g trip and I had to stop off at an amazing BBQ place that makes heaving lamb ribs

Time to rebuild my desktop (once every 6 months)

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I have been tempted to post this on my facebook to see how many people loose their shit

Just thought it was funny - what is good for the goose, is good for the gander

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This is what is happening when trying to log into Azure/O365 portals right now:

Let the stupidy continue - Dr Seuss books are being removed from eBay because they are offensive, but Mein Kampf by a small contentious author named Adolf Hitler is ok.

Honestly, this stupidity is reaching humongous levels.

Does anyone have any good sources (Links) to websites showing the complete drop off of influenza and other diseases during covid?

Let me get this right, Just 1 month in, the parties that be, (business as usual just bombed Syria when the fascist trump never bombed anyone?

USA TODAY: US bombs facilities in Syria used by Iran-backed militia

@adam @dave I dont want to be the guy that shares a Youtube link and walks away, but I am hearing that Audible, that I have been a HUGE fan of (audio books) is a highway robber and is essentially taking upwards of 80% of the sale of audiobooks. I suddenly was thinking that the pay system you are working on thru your efforts could help decentralize and keep writers in control of their own destiny. (see YT Link - if you are interested)

Yay, it's 1:25 a and my power is cut while it's 16 degrees f outside and falling. Nothing can go wrong here

For those interested in the GameStop items - Watch these two videos, very well done IMHO
1 -
2 -

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